Questions types in the TOEFL Test

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardised exam used to assess the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. It is a critical component for individuals seeking admission to English-speaking universities, applying for visas, or simply looking to demonstrate their language skills. One common question that test-takers have is, “How many questions come in the TOEFL test?” In this article, we will provide an overview of the TOEFL exam’s structure and the number of questions you can expect in each section.

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TOEFL Exam Sections

The TOEFL exam is divided into four sections:

1 Listening Section

The Listening section evaluates your ability to understand spoken English. It consists of 4 to 6 lectures and 2 to 3 conversations, each followed by questions. On average, there are 34 to 51 questions in this section.

2 Reading Section

The Reading section assesses your comprehension of written English. It includes 3 to 4 reading passages, and each passage is followed by 12 to 14 questions. Therefore, this section contains approximately 36 to 56 questions.

3 Speaking Section

The Speaking section measures your ability to communicate orally in English. It consists of 4 tasks in which you have to express your thoughts and opinions. While this section doesn’t have a specific number of questions, it is more task-oriented.

4 Writing Section

The Writing section evaluates your written expression in English. It includes 2 tasks: an integrated task and an independent task. Similar to the Speaking section, it doesn’t have a fixed number of questions but is task-based.

Total Number of Questions

To determine the total number of questions on the TOEFL exam, you will need to add up the questions from the Listening and Reading sections. On average, there are around 70 to 107 questions in these two sections. The Speaking and Writing sections, while equally important, are not question-based; instead, they involve tasks that require you to communicate and write effectively.

Scoring and Question Difficulty

It’s important to note that not all questions in the TOEFL exam are weighted equally. Some questions may have varying levels of difficulty, and the scoring system takes this into account. The more difficult questions are generally worth more points than the easier ones. Therefore, your final TOEFL score is determined not only by the number of questions you answer correctly but also by the difficulty level of those questions.

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In summary, the TOEFL exam consists of four main sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. The number of questions in the Listening and Reading sections can vary but typically ranges from 70 to 107. The Speaking and Writing sections, on the other hand, are task-based and do not have a set number of questions. Understanding the structure of the TOEFL exam and the number of questions you will encounter in each section is essential for effective test preparation. It is recommended that you practice regularly and become familiar with the format to improve your performance and increase your chances of achieving your desired TOEFL score.