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Admissions and Study Visa


Admissions and Study Visa

The very first step in your quest to securing that study visa, and dependants’ visa for family members is getting an offer of admission. This offer may come with some forms of scholarship, discounts or funding packages depending on your profile, and of course on the destination country of study. However, the good news is we have extensive colleges and universities in our portfolio to accommodate even low budgets! 

For United States in particular, you might be able to get full or significant amount of funding for your undergraduate and graduate programs. This often requires submission of great profile. For example, a SAT score of 1350 or GRE score of 325 or GMAT score of 700 would go a long way in getting funding. Similarly, schools in Finland often use these scores amongst other factors to decide on admission applications and funding.

However, such test scores are not necessarily required to get admission and funding in other great countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or UK.

At MCF Modian Consulting, we can help optimize your odd of getting admission offers within 2-4 weeks with or without funding.

We have many schools in our portfolio, even for low budgets. From securing admission offers to getting your accommodation and study visa, we have you covered.

Talk or chat with us today to get your questions answered. You can also visit us from Monday to Friday (9-6pm) for any clarification.

Please, be informed that incomplete admission information often result in delayed decision. Thus, we urge you to get ready the following documents before you fill out your application:
Data page of international passport, updated CV/resume, all academic transcripts, all academic certificates, academic references for all non-MBA programs, professional and/or academic references for MBA programs, test scores (if any) and details of three referees.

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