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Application For School Admission and Study Visa

We would not only secure your admission into schools in Canada, Australia, UK, US, Ireland or Schengen country, we would also explore your chances of scholarship, funding opportunities and loan alternative..
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Exam registration

We provide instant registration at an unbeatable fee, within two hours of receiving your completed form and payment. We cover GRE, GMAT, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL and PTE. To begin your registration now

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Study Loans

As you brace up for next steps, we want to tell you that we can assist you meet some financial implications of accepting the offer.


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Other Services

Request Sample SOP

Request for a sample statement of purpose as guide while preparing to write yours


Online Live Classes

Learn at the confort of you home with our Executive Online classes prepared for you


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Free Study Materials

We have Loads of Free Study Materials for you to start with.




On-Demand Tutoring Services For All Subjects and Exams.

We offer a platform where you can ask unlimited questions on any subject or exam directly from more than 120 professional tutors and get instant answer in the form of text, audio and video explanations. This service can be used in the following situations:

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