Statement of Purpose

Do you know having a good statement of purpose for your master programs, MBA, bachelor degree programs or Phd program can mean the difference between getting an admission offer and being rejected? Wait! It can even mean a difference between getting an offer of admission and being awarded with a scholarship. Your statement of purpose should convince the admission officers that you are the right person for the program.

Essentially, a statement of purpose is part of your application for universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and many schools in Europe. The importance of putting in place a great statement of purpose for admission into any program is as good as submitting a top score in admission tests like GRE or GMAT or SAT.

In a statement of purpose, the student writes on what they hope to accomplish on a given university course, what they desire to do after the course and why they are applying to this specific university. It is your first opportunity to demonstrate your passion and understanding of your chosen subject away from exam results.

Differences Between A Statement of Purpose and A Personal Statement

It’s important to note that there is little or no difference between the two other than the degree of formality and the style of expression. While the former is about what you want to do, the latter is about who you are. Essentially, they serve the same purpose. You are advised to simply use the concept your school uses, and follow its instructions.  We can help you write a winning statement of purpose

Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Mcfedututors will write and edit your statement of purpose and ensure that it’s a winning one. Engage us to write your statement of purpose today. Wait a minute! Before you hit that button to engage us, you might want to see some samples of statements of purpose that have won both admission and funding for candidates like you.


Planning Your Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is a piece of writing that you submit as a part of your application. It is an assertion of academic interests and should not contain any biographical data about your personal life.

Your statement of purpose should contain the following:

  • Background discussion
  • How you became interested in studying the course
  • Your career aspiration: Your short and long term goals and how they relate to your prospective program
  • Relevant work experience, if any, you have undertaken that is relevant to the course you want to study
  •  Aspect of your previous education you found the most fascinating
  • What attracted you to the specific university?
  • Other significant academic interests and passion which show positive personality and character

When Your Prospective Program of Study Is Different From Your Previous Studies

In case you’re applying for a course that is in a different field of discipline from your previous degree, it’s completely fine. Simply tell the admission officers why you have chosen to change your course of study. This must be included in your statement of purpose.


How Long Should Your Statement of Purpose Be?

The length of a statement of purpose differs depending on the university, however, the normal length for an undergrad application is between 400-600 words, around one side of A4 paper or a limit of 47 lines. Certain postgraduate projects may require a 1000 word statement of purpose, but this will be specified.

 Do whatever it takes not to go over the given character limit as admission officials have numerous statement of purposes to go through, and a clearly written and brief statement of purpose is bound to stand out.



Your tone ought to be positive and energetic. It should show your willingness to learn and convince the admission officers you have what it takes to succeed in your studies.


Common Errors in Statement of Purpose

  • It is too short/long
  • It does not have important information/includes negative information
  • It has a confusing structure

It is important not to lie about any part of your personal life and education history, or even exaggerate. Admission officials will question you regarding practically all aspects of your application and will see through any falsehood. Worse still, you won’t be there to defend your case.


Statement of Purpose Writing Tips

  • Express an enthusiasm for your course
  • Start the statement strong to grab an admission official’s attention
  • Link extracurricular interests to your course
  •  Be genuine, however do exclude negative information
  •  Don’t try to sound too clever
  • Don’t leave it for the last minute; get ready ahead of time
  • Has someone proofread it?
  • Don’t copy material from your CV/resume


How Mcfedututors Can Help

Whether you need someone to write your statement of purpose or you need proofreading assistance, engage us for a statement of purpose writing service. Your winning statement of purpose will be ready in 3 working days, and will be emailed or whatsapped to you in preferred format: PDF, Word, etc.

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