SAT Registration in Nigeria

Do you have a need to write the SAT exams soon?  If yes, we can register you for the exam in less than 24 hours. We also provide free study resources which some of our students have used to get high scores in the range of 800-1000 on the SAT. See the past test scores of our students.

Cost of SAT Registration in Nigeria

We register SAT at $93 and this fee includes the study materials (hard or soft copy)

Do I Need To Register Now for SAT Or Get Some Training First? 

It depends on the time you want to submit your application to your chosen university because it’s an exam you need to write before the start of a new school year. So, it is advisable you register as early as possible. This is because available scholarships are released on a first come first served basis. So, you should register first for the exam and adequately prepare and train. From our experience, registering first for the exams serves as a source of motivation for our students to brace up and work hard as they look forward to their SAT test dates

Sample of The SAT Score Report

Wondering what the  score report looks like? Check samples of SAT score report

Sample of The SAT Question

You might be curious to know what the SAT questions look like! Here are a few samples of the SAT questions

Structure and Timing of The SAT Test 

The SAT test is composed of three sections: Evidence-based Reading, Writing and Math. The table below clearly shows the  question types, time and number of questions.

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