SAT Training in Nigeria

Our SAT training is facilitated by highly qualified and experienced tutors who have themselves scored at 99 percentile level. This is evident in our past SAT score reports of our students. Please take time to view them.

We fully understand your need to provide a top SAT score in order to make your profile competitive not only for admission but also for scholarship. We equally understand fully your need to meet up with deadlines and submit applications at the earliest possible time because the available scholarship and other funding packages are available on a first come, first served basis. 

However, the practical reality is you will often need around 2-3 months of intensive and consistent preparation to score very high. And when we say very high, we mean a score in the range 1400 and 1600. You may not be able to achieve this all alone in a shorter time frame without the mentorship and coaching from our expert SAT tutors. This is where we come in.

Our SAT expert tutors will not only prepare you to score high, they will also test you with simulated real SAT in order to be sure that you are fully ready for the test. If you are not already registered for SAT, please register now

The word that runs through our SAT training from the beginning to the end is practice. You will be challenged with the SAT practice questions in line with what you have been taught.

Modes of our SAT Training

Our SAT training takes place both online and in-class and we have been producing great results. For our online SAT classes, we make use of zoom and whiteboard technologies. 

Our Group SAT Online Class

The number of participants in our group SAT online class is in the range of 3-20 students per tutor

Our Private SAT Online Class

One or two candidates can enroll for our private online SAT class 

Cost of Our Online Group SAT Training 

The cost of our online Group SAT training is N25,000 per month (3-20 students). 

Cost of Our Online Private SAT Training

We charge N2500 per hour for our online private SAT coaching. Maximum of two students can participate and can jointly contribute towards meeting the tuition fee of N2500 per hour. In other words, for two students, the cost of our online private SAT class is N1250 per student.

Cost of Our Physical Private SAT Training (Home or Office)

Our physical private SAT training costs N2500 per hour. However, the cost may be higher owing to distance. Our physical private SAT lesson is available in Lagos and Ibadan only.

Cost of Our In-class SAT Training

Our in-class SAT training costs N40,000 per month

Duration of our SAT training (Online or Physical, Group or Private)

Our SAT training takes place 4 times a week, 2 hours per contact making a total of 32 credit hours per month.

Morning session: 10-12am

Afternoon Session: 2-4pm

Evening Session: 8-10pm

Weekend Session (Saturday Only): 9-11am, 12-2pm (One-hour break)

However, we are flexible enough to accommodate your unique time preference. Talk to us

Ideal Duration for SAT training.

You should prepare for the SAT for at least two months. The 2-month duration is average as there may be some variances. This implies that a student could spend more or less than 2 months

Book Your SAT Training

You can book your SAT training with us now by specifying your preferred session. It takes place from Monday to Thursday, and we have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend sessions.

Minimum Technology Required For Great Online SAT Training Experience

In order to have a great online SAT lesson experience devoid of internet connectivity issues, you must use a 4G mobile devices or a PC with the following specifications:

A processor of at least 2.4 GHz

Memory: 8 GB of RAM recommended (4GB RAM manageable)

Minimum Internet speed: Upload 1.5 Mbps Download 5 Mbps 

If you’re using a mobile device like mobile phones, tablets or iPad, make sure it’s 4G device. Do NOT use a 3G device or lower.

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