ACT Registration in Nigeria

Get registered for ACT test quickly by taking advantage of our ACT registration service. Do you have a need to write the ACT test soon?  If yes, we can register you for the exam within 24 hours. We have provided free study resources which other students have used to score in the range of 27-36 in ACT tests. See the past test scores of our students.

Cost of ACT Registration in Nigeria

We register ACT with no writing for $168.50 and ACT with writing for $188.50 including study materials (print or soft copy)

Do I Need To Register Now for ACT Or Get Some Training First? 

It depends on the time you are willing to submit your application to your choice school. Generally, it is better you apply as early as possible This is so because any available funding is released on a first come first served basis. So, you should register first for the test and follow it up with adequate preparation and training. From our experience, registering first for the test drives our students to brace up and work harder as they look forward to their ACT test dates

Sample of The ACT Score Report

Wondering what the ACT score report looks like? Check samples of ACT score report


Sample of The ACT Question

You might be curious to know what the ACT questions look like! Here are a few samples of the ACT questions

Structure and Timing of The ACT Test 

The ACT test is composed of four multiple-choice sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science and one optional essay section-Writing. The table below clearly shows the  question types, time and number of questions. 


ACT Test SectionNo of QuestionsTypes of QuestionsTiming
English75 questions


Grammar and usage

Sentence structure

Rhetorical skills

45 minutes
Math60 questions

Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra

Intermediate Algebra/Coordinate Geometry

Plane Geometry/Trigonometry

60 minutes
Reading40 questions

Social Studies

Natural Sciences

Prose Fiction


35 minutes
Science40 questions

Data Representation

Research Summaries

Conflicting Viewpoints

35 minutes
Writing1 prompt

Ideas & Analysis

Development & Support


Language Use & Conventions

40 minutes


Minimum time required for ACT preparation

You will need to prepare for at least two months. However, the stipulated time is at best indicative as you may require more or less time. It depends entirely on factors such as your usage of English language in daily conversation, your math skills, exposure to science, length of prior training,  etc

Acceptability of ACT For Admission Into Schools Abroad

The  American College Testing (ACT) is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States

It has a clear advantage as universities and colleges abroad use your ACT score to measure how ready you are to succeed in your choice program of study. ACT is accepted in all four-year universities in the United State of America and over 200 universities outside the United States of America.

ACT Score Range

The total obtainable score for ACT Test is 36. The ACT test is composed of four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science and one optional essay section-Writing.

Acceptable ACT Score For Admission

Which ACT score is acceptable for admission is relative. Each school sets the minimum ACT score that is acceptable, and it typically differs according to programs. However, on the average, the minimum acceptable score is 21. 

Please, bear in mind that you will need to score in the range of 28 and above to secure admission into top schools. These include Stanford University, Cornell University, Harvard University, London Business School, Imperial College of London, University of California Berkeley, to mention just a few. 

Locations of Approved ACT test centres in Nigeria

ACT can be taken in Nigeria,  specifically in Lagos, Ibadan, Kwara (Offa), Ogun (Ijebu-Itele), Abuja, Kano, Jos, Imo (Owerri), Enugu, Uyo and Port Harcourt.

Rescheduling ACT Test in Nigeria

You can reschedule your ACT registration test date by the registration deadline for the new test date. 

Cost of Rescheduling ACT Test in Nigeria.

It costs $60 to reschedule ACT test without writing, and $85 to reschedule ACT test with writing. If you are changing from ACT test with writing to ACT test without writing or vice versa, you will be charged $25.

Preparation For ACT Test

Here are some tips that can help you with your test preparation:

  • At least two months of good preparation is suggested for the ACT test.
  • Pick a test date that is at least 2 months before your earliest application deadline.
  • Practise! Practise!! Practise!!! There are more than enough free study materials that are available for your practice. Read and practice thoroughly. 
  • You can also buy on this website, very affordable video courses for ACT. They are delivered by qualified tutors with more than a decade of experience actively tutoring students all over the world.
  • Our ACT online training will help you to score very high. It can be group (3-20) or private (one on one). For more information, see ACT online training.

Identification (ID) Requirements for the ACT Test

When you register for your ACT test in Nigeria, you’re required to enter your ID information. The details of your registration must match exactly with those on the ID you are bringing to the test place. If the details don’t match, you will not take the test, and your test fee will not be refunded.  


Acceptable ID For ACT Test in Nigeria

Test takers in Nigeria will need an international passport as an identifying document upon their arrival at the test centre. 

Unacceptable ID Documents For ACT Test in Nigeria

These documents are not acceptable as primary or supplemental ID under any condition:

  • Learner’s permit
  • ChildFind ID
  • International student ID
  • Credit/debit card of any sort
  • Fishing or Hunting License
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Employee ID card
  • Any temporary ID card
  • Diplomatic, consulate or embassy ID card
  • Paper ID
  • Virtual/ Digital ID 
  • Report Card


Note: If your ID document isn’t written in English language and the test centre administrator can’t read it, you will most likely be unable to take the test, and your test fee won’t be refunded. 

ACT Test Duration

The ACT test with no writing spans 2 hours 55 minutes while the ACT test with writing spans 3 hours 35 minutes; the check-in process takes 30 minutes. So, you should expect to spend close to 4 hours and are encouraged to plan your test day appropriately. You should not fix any other serious engagement for the day.


What To Bring To Your ACT Test Centre

When your online registration is completed, you’ll get a confirmation email with the test date, start time and test centre address. Please print the email confirmation for your registration. You will take the printed email confirmation and your unexpired international passport to the test centre.

How To Confirm ACT Registration Status

You can confirm your registration status by login to your MyACT account with your login details. If you don’t know your login details, simply ask for it from us or the agent that registered you for the exam.

Also, plan to check the status of your registration the day before your test to ensure that none of the registration details has changed (for instance, a different start time or venue than initially scheduled).

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