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Study in Luxembourg

As an international student, if you choose to study in Luxembourg you will have an enriching experience in one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe.

Luxembourg has three official languages. These are French, German and Luxembourgish. Luxembourgish is the language of the natives, French is used as an official language, and children are first taught in German.

Higher education in Luxembourg is taught bilingually. This implies that your course will probably be offered in one of these combinations: French/English, French/German or English/German. Regardless of the language you choose to study in, you have to prove your proficiency in that language. If you don’t meet the required teaching standards, you have to attend the language courses offered by some universities.

Studying in Luxembourg is an opportunity to learn new languages, and finish your studies with an advanced knowledge of the three official languages.


Application process

Luxembourg doesn’t have a central application portal, unlike other countries in Western Europe.

Requirements for admission differs in various universities, however these are the common documents you need to submit:

  1.         Transcripts
  2.         Letter of motivation
  3.         Letters of recommendation
  4.         Passport
  5.         Language test results scores
  6.         Academic and professional CVs

Apply ahead of time as the schools will require time to let you know whether you need to submit anything extra. Some schools may ask for physical copies of your documents, so factor in postage time.

Documents have to be presented in the language you plan on studying with. You’ll have to send your original documents with their notarized translations.

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Tuition fees and scholarships

If your course is taught in French, German or Luxembourgish, it’s totally free.  

The tuition fee you need to pay to study in the English language will depend on the type of course and at what level. On average, you have to pay between the range of €400 and €800 each year. For business-related studies, it is around €4,000-€5,000 each year as it is quite costly.

You have to invest some time doing some research prior to applying. If you would like to save considerable time and get an offer of admission in less than 2 weeks, simply apply to study abroad  through us.

Concerning scholarships, there are quite a number available in Luxembourg. Sadly, there is no key resource for scholarships in Luxembourg. You’ll have to invest your time researching and checking requirements to see if any offer is relevant to you. If you would like to save considerable time and get an offer of admission in less than 2 weeks, apply through us.


Student visas and permits

As an international student, visa requirements differ from one country to another, so check prior to applying. But generally these are the documents you need to provide:

  1.         Apply for brief residency through the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  2.         Passport photographs
  3.         Passport
  4.         Birth certificate
  5.         Admission letter
  6.         Health insurance
  7.         Proof of adequate funds
  8.         Police report from your home country
  9.         Proof of accommodation

Your student visa allows you to work during your studies in Luxembourg. You can work for as long as fifteen hours per week and as long as forty hours during holidays. But remember, your pay will be taxed like that of a Luxembourger.

Admission processing for study abroad through mcfedututors takes less than 3 weeks

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