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Exam Registration

Exam Registration

You must have been practicing consistently and now, you feel very confident that you are ready to take the test. At best, it’s our assumption because you definitely need to have taken the test in practice mode and know what you can score potentially. Otherwise, take a free practice test today to know your potential score; perhaps, you may need to take more practice tests or even study more.

Feel confident and ready to ace your immigration or admission test? Then, you are at the right place. At Mcfedututors, we provide instant registration at an unbeatable fee, within 24 hours of receiving your completed form and payment. We cover registered candidates for tests such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE, OET, Duolingo, CGFNS, USMLE, MCAT, NMC CBT, etc.

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Exam Registration

Get registered for all international admission and immigration exams within 2 hours of receiving your payment!

Quick Registration for IELTS, TOEFL, OET, PTE, Duolingo, SAT, ACT, NCLEX, USMLE, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, etc

Feel confident and ready to ace your immigration or admission test? Then, you should not postpone your exam registration. take a leap now!

But, why should you register with Modian Consulting Firm (Mcfedututors)? In addition to being an accredited British Council partner and a partner to various international examining bodies, we provide instant registration at an unbeatable fee, within 2 hours of receiving your  completed form and payment. We register candidates for tests such as GRE, GMAT, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE, OET, Duolingo, CGFNS, USMLE, MCAT, NMC CBT, to mention just a few

What You should Do Now To Register for Your Test

You will need to first check the available dates and locations for your exam. To do this, please select your exam under the test menu on top of the home page, and choose your two most preferred test date. Pick a location out of the listed locations and click the “Register Now” button below, and fill out the short form that follows.

if you want to know more about the various tests we register and conduct training for, please click the “Know More About Tests”


We can tell exactly what to do in order to win a scholarship or get an offer of graduate assistantship which may be research, teaching or administrative job. Book a consultation with us to know more

Sure, we can help. But first, many factors need to be considered before selecting the most appropriate schools that most align with your profile, and which has the highest odd of securing an offer of admission. 

Specifically, we want to know your previous academic performance and non-academic activities, career aspirations, budget, need for study loan or scholarship, family background, to mention just a few. All of these factors determine the schools selected for you. If you are ready to take a step, then you can begin your admission application here

On the bright side, we can surely help you navigate the whole process from school selection to funding, from visa application to securing accommodation, and everything in-between. You can book a free consultation for proper advice

Yes, we offer services to facilitate the process of obtaining work visas for students who wish to pursue internships, part-time jobs, or post-graduation employment opportunities abroad. We provide guidance on visa application procedures and documentation to support successful work visa applications.

We provide both online tutoring and in-class tutoring services. Our online tutoring platform offers personalized virtual sessions conducted by qualified tutors, covering a wide range of subjects and academic levels. In-class tutoring is available in select locations, providing students with face-to-face instruction and support.

If you like to have a taste of our quality tutoring services delivered by our top tutors, you can book a 15-min trial lesson or simply enroll for our training if you are referred by someone else

Our company assists students in finding scholarships that match their academic achievements, interests, and financial needs. We provide guidance on scholarship research, eligibility criteria, and application procedures, helping students maximize their chances of receiving financial assistance.

Simply put, we would let you know of various funding options that you are eligible for after studying your profile.

If you have already secured an offer of admission, and you are considering funding or scholarship options, kindly book a consultation with us to discuss further

All that we require from you is to be honest with us on the disclosure of your budget. This goes a long way in making a proper plan for your study abroad.

When we have a correct information on your budget, we’ll be able to advise you properly on your program of study, country and schools you should aim at. Talk to us for more information

Modian Consulting Firm (Mcfedututors) is an accredited agent registered with notable institution like the British Council. So you can easily report us to the examining bodies to which we have partnered. We are law-abiding and don’t want to risk losing our accreditations.

To access our online tutoring platform, you need to either enroll for our training or book a 15-min trial lesson with one of our highly experienced and qualified tutors. All of them have been vetted and bench-marked against our quality standards

Yes, we provide comprehensive student relocation services to facilitate a smooth transition to a new country or city. Our services include assistance with accommodation arrangements, airport transfers, orientation programs, and practical advice on settling into the new environment.

Yes, we carefully select and vet our tutors to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and expertise. Our tutors undergo a rigorous screening process that includes comprehensive background checks and have a proven track record of academic excellence and teaching proficiency.

Absolutely! We assist students in compiling and organizing the required visa application documentation, such as academic transcripts, statement of purpose, financial statements, letters of recommendation, and any other relevant documents to support their application for student visas.

You can start your admission application from here.

Sure, we help students access study loan facilities by working with various institutions across the globe, but we are not the financing institution.

Also, we are able tell if a candidate stands a better chance of being approved a study loan facility. You can apply for our study loan service here

Register for your Test Within 2 hours!

By filling out a short form on our exam registration page, we will be able to register you instantly with the relevant international examining body within 2 hours! All you have to do is click on “Register Now” button below.

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