ACT Sample Questions

Here are ACT test sample questions to help you prepare for your next ACT exams

English Sample Question 

1) Long ago it was said that “one half of the world does not know how the other half lives.” That was true then. It did not know because it did not care. The half that was on top cared little for (1)the struggles and less for the fate of those (2)who were underneath so long as it was able (3)to hold them there and kept its own seat. There came a time when the discomfort and crowding below were so great, and the consequent upheavals so violent, (4)that it is no longer an easy thing to do, and then the upper half fell to inquiring what was the matter. Information on the subject has been accumulating rapidly since, and the whole world has had its hands full answering for its old ignorance.


  • the struggles, and less

  • the struggles and, less

  • the struggles and less,

2) One of the most interesting and instructive phenomena in the lessons of nature (16)was the falling of the dew—a seeming miracle which begins with the setting of the sun, and goes on (17)mysteriously, collecting and distributing its countless exquisite water jewels, all through the long stillness of the night, (18)only to be dispel again by the heat of the rising sun. [A]

Answer Choices of #16:


  • is falling of the dew

  • is fallen of the dew

  • was fall of the dew

Maths Sample Test Practice 

1) Five employees working in the same company give $500, $470, $380, $670 and $400 monthly income tax. What is the mean income tax given by all the employees?

  • $605

  • $484

  • $380

  • $500

  • $600

2) What is the measure of

  • 45°

  • 60°

  • 120°

  • 135°

  • 90°



Reading Practice Test

1) THE house where little Nell and her grandfather (31)lived was one of those places where old and (32)curious things were kept, one of those old houses which seem to crouch in odd corners of the town, and to hide their musty treasures from the public eye in jealousy and distrust. [A] There were suits of mail (33)while they were surely standing like ghosts in armor, (34)here and there; curious carvings brought from monkish cloisters; rusty weapons of various kinds; distorted figures in china, and wood, and iron, and ivory; tapestry, and strange furniture that (35)might have been design in dreams; and in the old, dark, dismal rooms there lived alone together the man and a child—his grandchild, Little Nell. Solitary and dull (36)as were her life, the innocent and cheerful spirit of the child found happiness in all things, and through the dim rooms of the old curiosity shop Little Nell went singing, moving with lightsome step.[B]

Answer Choices of #31:


  • lives was one of

  • lived were one of

  • living was one of

2) Tellson’s Bank by Temple Bar was an old-fashioned place, (46)while in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty.[A] It was very small, very dark, very ugly, very incommodious. It (47)was an old-fashioned place, moreover, in the moral attribute that the partners in the House were proud of its smallness, proud of its darkness, proud of its ugliness, proud of its incommodiousness. [B] They were even boastful of its eminence in those particulars, and were (48)fired with an express conviction that, if it were less objectionable, it would be less respectable. This was no passive (49)belief, an active weapon which they flashed at more convenient places of business. Tellson’s (they said) wanted no elbow-room, Tellson’s wanted no light, Tellson’s wanted no embellishment. Noakes and Co.‘s might or Snooks Brothers’ might; but Tellson’s, thank Heaven—!

Answer Choices of #46:


  • even if in the year

  • even in the year

  • while if in the yearq

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