Terms and Conditions

The following terms govern the use of this website, mcfedututors.com, owned by Modian Consulting Firm (herein referred to as MCF) and our operations as an entity. You are required to read the following terms and conditions, and be sure you fully understand them before using or engaging any or all of our services. By using or continuing to use this site or engaging us for any of our services, you represent and warrant that you understand, agree to and accept all the terms and conditions spelt out hereunder.

  • MCF assigns highly trained tutors to clients based on locations and other preferences of clients. The tutors so assigned deliver quality coaching sessions using methodology adjudged by MCF to be the best in achieving the desired scores of the clients. However, MCF does not guarantee any threshold of scores or results for any client.
  • MCF reserves exclusive rights to all its paid video courses. Clients are free to use as they like all the freely available resources on this site owned by official authorities of the various examinations, and the directions to such resources have been clearly stated on this site
  • All private tutoring sessions covering SAT and Cambridge A level examinations shall be supervised by an Adult, who may be parents, guardian or any person trusted by the parents or guardian. Other examinations- GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE are exempted from this supervision except otherwise the students are below age 18.
  • Clients shall not enter into any subsequent agreement with any of our tutors without the prior consent of MCF. MCF is relieved of any responsibility or liability that results from such agreements.
  • MCF upholds highest level of integrity and transparency. Thus, MCF does not support any form cheating in examinations and will not be liable for any loss, damage or claim resulting from examination malpractice.
  • In all of the five core areas of services: tutoring, school admission processing, migration facilitation, visa advisory services and content development, MCF provides professional advice based on experience and the advice so provided does not constitute a guarantee for granting a visa, residence permit, work permit or for achieving a particular level of performance in examinations.
  • MCF delivers its services based on the information supplied by clients. MCF shall not be held liable for any false or incorrect information or misrepresentations. Clients are advised to read our privacy policy regarding the safety and use of their information.
  • In the forum on this site, users including MCF’s officials, assume full responsibility for respective comments, posts and interactions.
  • In the case of any dispute, matters shall be resolved by arbitration under the relevant Nigerian law.
  • Advertisement and promotions from third parties may be run on this site from time to time. Users are fully responsible for any transaction entered into with any third party. MCF is not a party to such transactions and will not be liable to any loss, damage or claim arising from the same.
  • MCF has a number of business partners. MCF is relieved of any liability arising from any transaction which MCF is not a party to, entered into by clients with our partners.

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