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Lower (2.2) Or Slightly Less-Your Odds Of Admission Into Grad Schools Abroad

Lower (2.2) Or Slightly Less-Your Odds Of Admission Into Grad Schools Abroad

Important things to focus on in your application for admission.

Important things to focus on in your application for admission.


Second Class Upper, Lower (2.2) Or Slightly Less- Your Odds Of Securing Admission And Financial Aid In Any Graduate School In US And Canada.

Many graduates often wonder if there exists any slightest possibility of getting admitted into a graduate program in the US or Canada let alone secure financial assistance in any form. If you are one of them, here are the lessons from my experience.

Over the years, I learnt that it’s not all about your CGPA. I have seen second-class-lower graduates win Teaching and Research Assistance positions to support their programs in the US. In other words, they not only gained admission into their choice program but also got financial supports. What then is the secret of their success? Pay attention to factors other than CGPA, which are equally key determinants in your application for Admission.

Role Of Factors Other Than CGPA In Applications For Admission.

You have no control over your CGPA again; you should start looking in the direction of the following powerful factors: Recommendation letters, Admission Test: GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS or SAT, Resume and Personal Statement. These four variables can save your head, and land you the golden offers including scholarships if you know how to use them.

Recommendation Letter

Nowadays, most schools will require you to submit the email addresses of your referees in the course of your application. The request for recommendation will be sent by the school’s application system to your referees, and in most cases, you will be able to send reminders or even change them as you deem fit. My advice is: use the referees who know you well enough to comment on particular strengths that set you apart for success in your application. The truth is there’s no one without strengths and weaknesses. Use a referee who can see your strengths, and how they can play out to favor your application, not only for admission but also for scholarships.

Admission Test

No doubt, one great way of showing the stuff you are made of is admission test. You might be a better candidate if you could produce GRE score of say 312 than a second-class-upper candidate whose GRE score is, say 305. My point is: your admission test is yet another chance of proving your worth. However, that you score 295 in your GRE does not disqualify you from admission or from financial assistance. You alone can knock yourself out from the competition by not giving it a shot. Again, all of these factors are weighed and considered holistically to reach a decision on your application. GRE and GMAT are particularly great for flagging your eligibility for admission and scholarship; yet, they are not the most important factors.


Your work experience can work wonders and put you in competitive position when applying for admission into many programs especially MBA. For example, if you are applying for admission into MSc Chemical Engineering, you might be a better candidate if you have say, 5 years of related work experience even if you had second class lower grade. Many admission officers are interested in the wealth of experience which you are bringing into the admission cohort; they know your colleagues can benefit immensely from your contributions in the class. This is exactly how it works!

Personal Statement (Statement of Purpose)

Most schools will often demand that you write an essay, as part of the application, describing your career aspirations, how your past and present experience can influence your future goals, particular strengths and weaknesses you have, and how your chosen program can help you achieve your future goals. Your Personal Statement is a very powerful too, if not the most powerful amongst the factors considered in your application. You should pay attention to what the school believes to be the career prospects of its program. Did they align with your own future career goals? What particular characteristics of the program most attracted you to the program and why? Why did you choose school X, why not school Y? These are important considerations that must be addressed in your Personal Statement.

What Then Is The Most Important Admission Factor?

No admission criterion has prominence over the others. You must optimize all of them to reflect your particular circumstances truthfully and in the best possible ways.

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