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Software programs, whether they’re for design or other purposes, are rarely as easy to use as their titles suggest, and most offer only a few features that don’t do as much as one would think. Understanding Photoshop Although Photoshop has been around for more than 20 years and has grown with the technical evolution of the computer, its use for image manipulation has grown more than ever before. Photoshop offers many tools to create, manipulate, and edit images. Figure 3-1 shows a sampling of some of Photoshop’s editing tools. **Figure 3-1:** When using the image processing tools, Photoshop offers a large palette of options. A few tools are unique to Photoshop and are not available in other image-editing software: Pixel-level editing: Working on an individual pixel, or the image’s smallest size, enables you to maximize the editing capabilities of Photoshop. For example, you can manipulate an image to eliminate the blemishes or fill in the missing details of a portrait. When working on an individual pixel, you can see a preview of the results before you perform a final action. You can move or rotate the image so you can watch the pixel move or rotate before you do the manipulation. If you accidentally move or rotate the image, simply reverse the process. All of these actions can also be done in pixels, which enables you to take an image to its smallest size. Levels: Levels is a tool that is used to manipulate brightness and contrast. With it, you can manipulate the light and dark areas in an image without creating harsh shadows or areas of bright, overpowering light. Simply by adjusting the levels, you can manipulate and enhance an image at a pixel level. This tool enables you to selectively adjust different areas of a photographic image. Adjustment layers: Adjustment layers are the same in Photoshop as they are in other imaging programs. Photoshop also has a built-in palette of about 50 presets called adjustment layers, or adjustments, that enable you to automatically correct images. Before creating your own preset adjustments, read about the Photoshop tool, Layer Masks, in Chapter 5. The following sections describe how Photoshop works. Bringing in color Photoshop enables you to specify exactly where and how color should be applied to a photo or graphic, or to complete a project that combines color with other effects or characteristics. Figure 3-2 shows three samples of the various image-editing tools and options available when working in Photoshop.

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What is Photoshop Elements? Adobe Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor used for editing, designing, and creating digital images. Photoshop Elements also provides a basic photo album and slideshow feature. The application runs on Windows PCs and Macs. New updates and patches are released often so make sure you are up to date to receive the latest version. The new feature of Elements is the online library which you can access and share online. It offers a selection of tools to edit, create, enhance, and share your photographs and other images. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a more affordable version of Photoshop. It includes the essential photo editing tools. Unlike with traditional Photoshop, in Elements you don’t need to download or create a ton of file extensions. You can save your edited image file without having to change the file extension to.PSD. Photoshop Elements does it all for you. If you are looking for the complete photo editing toolset for beginners, then Adobe Photoshop Elements is the tool to have. If you are looking for a more affordable photo editor, then Photoshop Elements is the tool for you. If you have been using Photoshop professionally for a while, and want to save a lot of money to spend on software subscriptions or licenses, then Photoshop Elements is your perfect match. You can customize every setting on Photoshop Elements. You can turn it to work like a sketchbook, or a photo editor. Do you want to learn how to edit the most used camera and smartphone images or create new ones with that same look and feel? Photoshop Elements can help you out. Designing for the web or for print requires you to have a set of tools in place to create your web projects. Photoshop Elements is the perfect choice if you want to save a little money. Where can I buy a copy of Photoshop Elements? You can buy it from either a shop or the Adobe website. Shop-bought copies of Photoshop Elements often come with a disc containing the program as well as the “Personal” editions of other Adobe products like InDesign. And if you buy the Adobe Creative Suite, you are entitled to the same license, which allows you to use Photoshop Elements for free as long as you’re members of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Also, you can buy the software for the Mac for as low as $15.99. If you’re looking for a new computer, you can buy an old machine for a lower price 05a79cecff

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The Gradient Tool makes it possible to paint different shades of color on an image. It lets you create various gradient effects, from simple ones to complex ones. The Gradient Overlay Tool, also called the Grayscale or Multiply filter, is used to add grayscale tones to an image. This effect can be used to create gradient overlays. The Pen Tool lets you draw straight, curved, or freehand lines on an image. The Pathfinder lets you select and modify complex shapes. This tool is essential in creating various effects, including blending and layering. Microsoft PowerPoint is probably the most common tool for creating documents and presentations. PowerPoint slides are typically equipped with animations, pictures, and videos. New features like SmartArt lets you create diagrams that include text boxes. Text boxes help in organizing elements on a slide. The Table of Contents can be used to create a sortable list of text in your document. The Windows Clipboard lets you copy and paste text and images from one document to another. The Window Menu lets you navigate between files and windows. In addition, you can use the Windows Menu to access PowerPoint tools and to open the File Menu to access the File Menu. Winzip is a useful tool for extracting and extracting zip archive files. Its feature set includes compression and decompression options, file comparison, file copying options, and a zip files viewer. The File Menu allows you to access the Winzip tool and to open the Winzip program. Click the File menu to access the Options option. Click the Options option to view the Winzip settings. The Gameboy Video Disc Dumper creates backup files for Gameboy Advance Games. It can create backups for Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, and Nintendo Game Boy. However, it cannot create backups for Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, or Game Boy. The Gameboy File Formats Dumper lets you create backup files for Gameboy Advance Games. You can create single and save backups, or create a single backup file that you can then select from the Playlist to play. You can create single and save backups for Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, and Nintendo Game Boy. The individual Gameboy Files Dumper lets you create a folder for each save file. The Nintendo Game Boy Video Disc Dumper lets you create video disc backups for Gameboy Advance Games. The Jpeg to Motion Converter converts Jpeg images into AVI, Flash, or MP

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Is the current buy-in price around the $160 million necessary to build the wind farm? Credit:Jason South But the original owners were aware the wind farm would be worth much more than it is today when they purchased it in 2006, which was down from the original cost of $350 million in 2004. Mr Devlin said it was not the “buy-in price” but more like a “margin of safety” – insurance. “They (original buyers) knew at the time that there was a possibility that the wind farm would make a lot more money than they thought,” he said. He said it was unlikely there would be any shortfall to repay the loan. Bob Morgan and his family, original owners of the wind farm, said the decline was of interest to buyers who may have missed out on wind farms when they were first developed. They were paying about $400,000 a month in interest and maintenance costs and were not able to charge more. The Morgan Family’s interest payment costs were calculated at $402,339.76 a month. They paid $1.28 million in interest over a six-year period for a total of $8.23 million. The wind farm was originally sold in two tranches for the original development cost, $350 million, plus another $150 million for operating and maintenance. However, wind projects do not have guaranteed returns. If their output drops, they will not produce enough revenue to cover their operating costs, unless the owner can find a buyer willing to pay more for the power, Mr Devlin said. Mr Morgan said they had a “lot of discussions” when they purchased the wind farm but had no idea it would be worth as much as it is today. “We were talking about a margin of safety to cover any loss of wind farm output,” Mr Morgan said. The Morgan Family’s interest payment was $1.28 million over a six-year period. In the year to September 2012, the Morgan’s interest payment was $840,854. The Morgan Family’s original purchase price for the wind farm was $350 million with a further $150 million for operating and maintenance costs. Credit:Jason South The Morgan Family who owned the wind farm also had to write off a loan from the bank in 2011 to help them cover the shortfall in income. The Morgan’s had a take up capital of about $40 million when they bought the wind farm. Last financial year, the Morgan’s interest payment was $840,854. Mr Morgan said

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