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How to verify object key property value is nil/empty

I’ve been struggling with this for a bit and can’t seem to find a good answer to it.
I have this kind of object data:
“5454” = 1;
“11554” = 3;
“5542” = 1;

In this object. I want to verify whether the keys of each object are nil or empty, and if it is, then I want to set it to be 0.
What I have done thus far is:
let df = // example data

for (let n, i) in df
// here I need to verify if the key is not empty, and then set the value to 0

I can’t find a good way to do this or even if it’s possible. I would need something like:
data[0]!.key!.length > 0


You can flatten the array and check if the length is greater than 0:
for (let n, i) in data.values().flatMap(x => x) {
if (i.length > 0) {
i =