Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad in any of the advanced economies like the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, etc, opens the doors of opportunities. These opportunities can be in the form of higher pay, international exposure, higher standard of living, study and work, and faster family relocation, to mention just a few. All you need is to get offers to study abroad with scholarships.

How Mcfedututors can help?

Mcfedututors can help you secure offers of admission with scholarships or graduate assistantships based on your preferences and budget. We handle visa applications, accommodation, flight tickets, and airport pickup. Be rest assured of great services with a high level of professionalism at an affordable fee. Generally, Graduate assistantship usually comes in form of Teaching Assistantship, Research Assistantship, or Administrative Assistantship. These offers are mostly obtainable from the universities and colleges in the United States and a few Canadian institutions after having met the specified requirements. Because getting full funding or scholarship depends on many factors outside our control, we don’t make any guarantee in this regard. However, we will do all the needful to help you get offers to study abroad with scholarships.

As a Mum or Dad, you can accompany your son or daughter to his or her study destination. Similarly, you can travel with your spouse for study purposes.

Why Mcfedututors?

Guaranteed offer of admission into reputable colleges and universities.

If you ever need to take any test, you are covered. We have a great test prep platform that is poised to help you hit your target score under the tutelage of a dedicated and experienced tutor. It offers several sectional and full-length mock tests.

We boast of over 1500 schools we recruit for directly or indirectly.

You can expect your offers of admission within as short as 2-6 weeks.

Our offers typically come with scholarships or funding packages

What To Do?

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