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RoofCOST Estimator 2022 Crack is an Excel add-in dedicated to roofing contractors, architects, builders, home remodelers, cost estimators, and even amateurs who want to minimize costs and boost their productivity using careful and efficient planning.
Compatible with Microsoft Excel only, the tool is simple to install. It contains predefined spreadsheet information for estimated costs, job information, city index (for localized cost adjustment), rates, general data, sitework, insulation, and roofing.
It’s only necessary to fill in the required information for generating detailed reports, such as the section ID, cost code, work item description, quantity, unit type, material cost, labor hours and payment, other and total payment, along with notes for each entry in the estimated section.
Reports can be put together for labor (e.g. section man hours or cost code, cost code and notes), price quotation, or bill of material. Standard cost items can be added to the spreadsheet using RoofCOST Estimator 2022 Crack’s built-in options for sitework, insulation and damp proofing, roof titles, shingles and coverings, specialties and accessories, and general items.
Custom cost items can be created too. Once everything is ready, you can print all information in Excel spreadsheet format. Make sure to check out the step-by-step tutorial to quickly get accommodated with this utility.
– Installing and adjusting
– Customizing cost data collection
– Generating detailed cost tables
– Printing cost data
– Automatically tracking and reporting costs
– Over 100 color schemes available
– Printable reports
– Customizable color schemes and fonts
– In-built cost centers
– Extensive documentation
– Optimized appearance
– Time and cost saving
With the installation of this handy Excel add-in, you will enjoy even more profit. Start calculating and pricing jobs in a matter of seconds.
How to install the RoofCOST Estimator:
Before installation:
1. Download the RoofCOST Estimator from the website
2. Download, install, and activate the program
3. Download the RoofCOST Estimator Setup file and run the program for setup
4. When the setup is done, double click the setup file to open the setup
5. Wait until the installation is completed
Steps to use the RoofCOST Estimator:
1. Open your Excel spreadsheet and open the project with “Spreadsheet”

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– Create, maintain, and modify the required data elements for estimating roof costs.
– Manage prices for your services from multiple cities, rates, or your own based on job information.
– Manage multiple quotes or prices for a project.
– Take note of your handy and cool data capture tool.
– No special knowledge or technical skills required.
– 10,000+ roofs in 51 states across the USA have been analyzed with the RoofCOST Estimator. It’s time to add your own list of cities with the roof cost estimator.


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– Create bills of material and detailed job reports
– Build cost estimates quickly, making sure to meet cost ceilings
– Assign prices to all items
– Assign your costs to each cost code
– Manage your budgets
– Minimize your risk
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– Estimate labor hours
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– Resume and add advanced options
– Automate your bidding and quoting
– Save time and money by automating your estimations
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What’s New In?

Want to get an accurate quote from the best roofing contractors and specifiers?
— Use RoofCOST Estimator to get an accurate estimate of the roofing cost with detailed cost and labor estimation per section, according to the customer’s needs, site and roof type.
— Get the best labor cost and materials rates for your job anywhere in the country.
— Save time and effort, since the tool is already saved with a lot of roofing information and rates for you to use at a glance.
— Get exact details of the work of each section in the lastest, fully localized, and detailed formats.
— Save time with the auto-generated detailed print-outs for various payment options.
— Get cost breakdown of all labor and material costs in the section.
— Get the latest and updated roofing information including roof types, variations, and accessories.
— Generate detailed cost and labor estimation.
— Get the exact information of both the roofing sections and the work performed in each section.
— Get the most accurate rate quotes as long as you are in the same city as the project is being done.
— Don’t miss the opportunity for saving money and time.
— Save the progress of the job in the sheet, with the option to print the current status of the job in a detailed format.
— Add options to your section, project or detailed cost, materials or labor, and work in the section.
— Get the job status, and get rid of all the hassle to send out a detailed estimate. You can get it online and print it out directly.
— Get project information and notes while sending out your estimate.
— The quick delivery of your estimate is going to impress your customers when they receive it.
— Save your time and effort and get accurate estimates in a short time.
— All you have to do is write a few details about the project and hit the Estimate button. RoofCOST Estimator will generate a comprehensive and detailed estimate report and send it to you in PDF format (or select one of the three options of PDF, Word or Excel formats).
— Start using RoofCOST Estimator to get accurate and detailed cost reports.
For further information and support, please feel free to contact the author at: [email protected]
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– Automated roofing cost and labor estimator

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