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The majority of the illustrations in this book use Photoshop. However, we do include some other illustration programs in this chapter as well. Photoshop is not the only image-editing program; other tools include:

_PaintShop Pro:_ This program is used in the same ways as Photoshop, but it is a relatively new program and not as widely supported as Photoshop.

_Adobe Illustrator:_ Illustrator offers a lot of options for both vector and raster image creation. Because of its appearance-based drawing and editing capabilities, it is perfect for artists who draw.

_GIMP:_ GIMP is an open source program, free for all to use and download. It has few of the same capabilities as Photoshop; however, it is a “program for free.” You can become quite proficient with GIMP, as it is filled with all sorts of features, abilities, and programs that make it a very useful tool in your arsenal.

“Photoshop is indeed the image manipulation software I’ve been searching for all these years,” says Jason Mercer. “The finer points of art, including composition, still elude me, but I can use Photoshop to manipulate images to a satisfying level.”

# **Other Things to Be Aware of**

## **Screen Settings**

Over the past couple of years, computer screens have become larger and more detailed. This means that the screen settings on your computer have to be kept lower. You’ll see this referred to as the “screen resolution,” which is measured in dpi. You’ll need to increase the resolution of your computer screen settings to maintain a good quality of print output. You can find your screen resolution by following these steps:

1. Choose **View** ⇒ **Screen Resolution**.

2. A window will appear.

3. You will see a number on the upper right side of the window where the dpi is indicated.

4. The default dpi settings should be set in this range; however, you can change this by clicking on the number.

Sometimes you will need to reduce the default settings to 600 or 800 dpi. Click on the number at the bottom of the dpi window. Sometimes you will need to increase the dpi to 8,000 or more. In this case, click on the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the window and type the appropriate resolution, usually in dpi.

If you

Photoshop 2022 (Version 23.0.1)

The next major version of Photoshop will be released on September 26th. It includes several features that Photoshop users are anxiously awaiting, such as a more powerful selection and lasso tool, a new crop tool, a more intelligent auto-fix feature, layer masking and other changes that improve user experience. The new Photoshop is great, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Photoshop Elements won’t give you all of the features, but for a lot less money.

Because Elements is simpler, and therefore easier to use, many people decide to use it to edit their pictures. In this guide, we cover how you can edit your pictures in Photoshop Elements and save them to the computer so that you can share them with others.

How to get Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. You can download the program from the Adobe website or you can try out the free 30 day trial version from here.

How to upload images to the web with Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is a light-weight picture editor. It has powerful tools for editing pictures, but it’s more limited than Photoshop. That’s why many people use Photoshop Elements for simple tasks that you can do with only a few mouse clicks.

To upload images to the web, the process is relatively simple. First, you need to save the image into your computer so that you have a copy that you can work on. Then, upload that image to your hosting service using the website’s upload tool. Some upload services charge fees, some don’t. Next, you need to go to your hosting service and upload the image.

This step is essential if you want to share your photos on the web. Uploading a photo to your website allows others to download the photo directly to their computers or mobile devices.

How to use an FTP site to upload images to the web

Most hosting services have a tool that allows you to upload images directly to the server. You don’t need an FTP software client on your computer or a separate account with an FTP service. You just need to log into the hosting service’s site, click on the image link, and select upload.

Most hosting services provide secure tools that allow you to upload images without worrying about unauthorized users downloading your photos. Some of the hosting services are more secure than others, but most will allow you to upload images that will be kept

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