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Some of the most fundamental, useful Photoshop tools are reviewed in the following sections. These tutorials can assist with the learning process for experienced Photoshop users or be used to get started on simple projects for beginners. The Tutorials section has been updated to include Photoshop CS6 features, including Warp Features, Content Aware Fill, Layer Comps, Liquify and the Express Panel, and Photoshop’s greatest strengths, such as Adjustment Layers and mask editing. Right-click You can right-click anywhere on the toolbars to turn on and off the display of the Tool Options window. You can toggle between viewing the settings for the tool and the active tool. New Photoshop CS6 Features Adobe has added some pretty innovative features to Photoshop CS6 that can be accessed through a right-click on an element in the image, such as a selection. You can apply a type of adjustment directly to the object or image you selected; the adjustment tool opens up with specific effects available as you select a new one from the bottom right of the box. In addition, you can apply distortion and other filter effects to a selection, as well as create a “stamp” (a selection replicated over a background). You can also copy and paste objects and effects directly into Photoshop to quickly edit and combine them. With the new Liquify Tool, you can select a color and use the brush tool to paint areas of the image with that color. The paint bucket brush settings can also be changed in the tool. You can then edit or remove the painted areas to create new shapes. The brush tool also allows you to select a brush from a palette of presets. For more about all of these features, see the Photoshop CS6 introduction. Controlling Tool Options You can turn on and off the display of the Tool Options window by right-clicking anywhere on the toolbars. The Tool Options window enables you to quickly access attributes that appear on the Tool Options menu. Adobe also recently added a much-requested feature to Photoshop CS6. Known as Layer Comps, it combines multiple versions of a layer to create a new version. You can also use these Layer Comps to hide and show individual layers or multiple layers. You can create a layer from an individual layer in a layer group, combining multiple layers of the same data type, such as pixels, lines, shapes, and/or areas. Note:

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Learn to use Photoshop Elements with this simple guide of the main features of the program. General Features Elements uses the same graphical user interface as other Adobe products. The main tabs are used to navigate through the different aspects of the program: Preview, Image Tools, Adobe Bridge, Develop, Adjustments and Web. Saving options Saving options are the standard options that we can find in other programs such as MS Word, e-mail, etc. You can save your files using one of the following options: File Download from your computer to a folder on your hard drive. This option is good for downloading images to view in full resolution and see whether they fit properly on a page or website. Save in folder Download to a folder on your hard drive. This option is good for creating a folder on your hard drive for printing and viewing images. File Save In a folder on your hard drive. After selecting the images you want to save, you have to select the name of the folder. You can edit the name of the folder with this option. Export Options: Image Quality: Image Size: File Type: Encoding (HTML): Encoding (Jpeg): Encoding (JPEG): Image/Video Quality: Image Sharpness: Video Quality: Image Size: Image size will show the exact size of each image. In the above image, we can see that the original image size is 10KB. Exporting options This option allows you to extract images from Adobe Bridge and export them in a format of your choice. You can export as a PDF, JPEG, PNG or Photoshop file. Alternate View This option allows you to crop the image with the bounding box option. Image Size This option allows you to change the size of the images in pixels, after selecting the image in the Image folder. Image Type This option allows you to choose whether the image is a color or a black and white image. Brightness The brightness is the amount of light you want to put in the image. Contrast Contrast is the amount of the difference of white and black in the image. Color Color is the degree of red, green, blue and yellow in the image. a681f4349e

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4.1) Activation Code

The Pen Tool allows you to select and manipulate entire objects like layers. For example, you can turn an entire layer on and off. You can move an object to a different position, scale it or change it’s shape. Brush: Tapping a brush selects a color and starts painting using the color you selected. Grip: You can place the crosshairs on the middle of the color to help you choose a color by tapping the center of it. You can also move the color from the center. Access Smart Brushes > Lifesaver Brushes With this tool, you can edit with smart brushes that are smarter than the standard brushes, as they respond to color. The Brush Editor lets you turn all brush settings on and off at once, allowing you to easily change settings. You can also draw shapes, like a ruler to access many brush settings at once. To access the Brush Editor, click the Brush tool in the tools bar, then click the Brush tool again. Select: You can select a different brush for the current tool on the Brush tool. You can also select a standard brush or a smarter brush, which are sharper, lighter or darker than a regular brush. To select a smarter brush, click the Shift key (not the space bar) on your keyboard. To select a standard brush or a smarter brush, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. Location: You can place the color from one brush on another. To access the menu, hold down the Option key on your keyboard, then click on the colors in the list. If the color is already on another brush, it appears on top. Tip: You can hold the option key down to move color from one brush to another. Photoshop Plugins: There are many plugins that make editing images easier. Some are for specific things, while others are useful for a lot of things in Photoshop. They are designed to make Photoshop work for your workflow. Adobe Acrobat X This is a free version of Adobe Acrobat Professional. It includes printing and annotating features. The first time you use it, you have to install it. Annotate: You can draw on images. Click and tap to draw. You can also draw directly on images in the page, selecting the lines and using the ink or the pen. Cover: You can easily add a cover page to an email. Click and drag to select the text, then

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To clone an area of an image, drag a selection box over the area you want to copy. As soon as you do this, Photoshop places an invisible rectangular stamp inside the selected area. You can drag this to any area of your image and Photoshop will select the area you have just stamped and make the whole area copy the original area. You can use a Brush and the Grain Adjuster to paint texture onto an image. To do this, you first paint color onto the area of your image you want to texture. Then you create a Brush with a yellow color and Texture overlay. You can create various looks by changing the settings in the Brush and Effects options. You can use the Eraser tool to gradually remove pixels from your image. If you paint black over a color area, it will be removed as you paint. The area you erase only becomes visible when you press the Eraser again, which makes it easy to keep the contrast of the remaining color even. You can get special brushes for this purpose. The Gradient tool lets you paint several different colors along a straight line. You can also paint a curve. The colors can be soft or hard. A curve can be wide, for example, or narrow, or include a hard and soft edge. You can draw the gradient with the Brush tool. If you paint a stroke on an image, Photoshop will call up the Brush tool. You can draw a gradient on a layer or in your file. The Gradient Filter tool lets you create gradient effects that look more realistic than the gradient tools. You use it to add a gradient effect to an image. You can apply a gradient to a layer or in your file. You can use the Pattern Stamp tool to create a pattern from an image and apply it to another image. You can also create a selection and apply the pattern to that selection. You can also paint a pattern onto a layer or your file. The Pen tool lets you create effects based on a drawing. You select the Pen tool and then draw on your image. You can use the pencil tool to create a soft line or hard line. The effect is soft or hard depending on how smooth or rough you make the line. You can use the Shapes tool to create an extra layer of effects. The options allow you to place an image as a shape, then create a variety of effects. You can use the Pen tool to create the shape, or you can select a picture from the Lens

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