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PhD program without a master degree qualification

PhD program without a master degree qualification

Pursue your PhD program even without a master degree qualification

Doing your PhD program without having bagged a master degree qualification.

PhD programs without a master degree qualification

If you are research savvy or simply passionate about academics, you can actually enroll for prestigious PhD programs in US and Canada without a master degree. In fact, one common misconception about PhD program is that it’s exclusively meant for those who want to lecture. But, this notion is completely false!

As a PhD student, you will be contributing to existing body of knowledge by exploring new areas of research, writing thesis and teaching other students. Your contributions are invaluable to both academia and industries.

Skills and Career Prospects of PhD Programs?

Career prospects of PhD programs are almost limitless! Because you would have written, may be 50000-word thesis, you would have developed the ability to present and organize large amount of information in a logical and clear manner, and would have been proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Packages. Because you would have conducted interviews for your research projects, your skills would be great in the following areas: diplomacy and confidentiality, questionnaire design, experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis, and sensitivity to the needs of others. Because you would have kept testing and refuting hypothesis and performing many experiments, you would have been equipped with great problem solving skills. PhD holders can work independently as a consultant or in the Research & Development units of companies.


The good news is many PhD programs are funded by the schools where you work either as a research assistant or teaching assistant or by an external body who is interested in the outcome of the research area that’s been funded. You will still have to fund your PhD program if you are studying in some schools or certain regions

Admission Process

One of the important factors in your application for admission into a prestigious PhD program in US is your GRE score. Some schools in Canada, UK and many of the European countries will require you to submit your research proposal. However, most schools in US are okay with your GRE score, transcripts, English language proficiency, statement of purpose and recommendations.

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