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Kick Movie Hindi Dubbed Download 720p Hd __TOP__ 🟤


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How to attach data from a website to a custom calendar in SharePoint 2013

I have a requirement to build a site map page where i have to have an unordered list of the companies and the locations they offer services from. I have to show a calendar for each company and a drop-down box for the locations for a specific customer.
What i want to do is let’s say if we are doing this for a company X, I want to take all the services offered by a particular location and have a calendar where i can click on dates and see all the services that can be offered by the particular location.
How can i do this? I have attached a screenshot of what i have in mind. Do i need to use a web service to get this data?


You can make use of the Calendar Shortcut in SharePoint 2013. A client-side web service can be used to get the list of services and