Juodos Avys 2010 | Temp

Juodos Avys 2010 | Temp


Juodos Avys 2010 | Temp

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Gladix Translation Virtual Machine 2010
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Translation virtual machine (TVM) used in editing or compiling works using languages, written in the European Union’s languages, gives the possibility of:

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These results have been obtained after the number of the events detected in the second year of ANTARES data taking is reduced to a minimum. Unfortunately, our analysis requires a large statistics, which unfortunately requires a second year of data taking. Therefore we cannot perform a full systematic analysis of the parameter space by using this method. To extend our analysis in this direction we have built new scientific proposals in ANTARES, which will be discussed in next years and will soon be implemented in the running.

[99]{} Antonelli F. et al. (ANTARES Collab.), [*Astropart. Phys.*]{} [**29**]{} (2008) 128. Baracchini F. et al. (ANTARES Collab.) [*Astropart. Phys.*]{} [**35**]{} (2012) 439. Massmann T. et al. (ANTARES Collab.) [*Proc. of the XXIX International Conference of Theoretical Physics*]{}, eds. E. G. Adelberger, B. R. Heckel