Happy.New.Year.[2014].Tamil.Dubbed.Movie.HD-Rip…x264…1GB].mkv [2021]

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C11 declares multiple functions with same name, which to use?

I have a question regarding function overloading.
The C11 standard (ISO/IEC 9899:2011) says that we can declare multiple functions with same name and different signatures.
What’s the difference between these functions? And if possible, please tell me which one to use.
void f(int i); //this one
void f(int, int);
void f(int, int, int);
void f(int i, int);
void f(int i, int, int);
void f(int, int, int, int);


ISO/IEC 9899:2011 § 6.7.2/6 says:

If the [[call]], [[construct]], [[max_size]], [[min_size]], [[alloc]], or [[dealloc]] function is declared with a function-prototype-list, the parameter declarations in the function-prototype-list are not required to agree with the corresponding declarations in the corresponding declaration in the
surrounding function body.

According to this, the standard explicitly allows functions to have different parameter lists. However, it is not guaranteed that the linker will be able to generate code for more than one of them.
For example, this code:
int main() {
int i, i2;
//void f(int i); // this one
//void f(int, int);

//void f(int, int, int);
void f(int i, int);
void f(int i, int, int);
void f(int i, int, int, int);

will generate this call graph:

However, if you use a newer compiler (such as GCC 4.8 or Clang 3.4 or ICC 16.0), it will probably pick the first declaration in the list.
(This is