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Game Info/Download : GetAmped 2 Anime Skin Comments For Game : GetAmped 2 Anime Skin its own brand with a few new mods in it, i dont own the online store, but ill answer any questions Anonymous 6/23/2013 Ye, I know. I tried to play it myself. But i think its not worth to my temperate. GetAmped was the original. And Getamped is improvement. But this game is not good. Anonymous 7/28/2013 I downloaded this game and I loved it. As I live in Iceland, we have only black and white TV’s, so I couldn’t find any anime at all on TV so I had to find this game. I didn’t need to buy the game, it was even free to download but like I said I was missing this kind of anime so I had to download it and I am so glad I did. I will give this game an 8/10 as the game is fun to play, but if you don’t like the anime kind, don’t waste your time. Anonymous 9/2/2013 I love this game and I will be downloading it again. I don’t like girls which is a small minority as of now in this game. I love anime and feel this game is great, but if it’s not for you, download Hogwig U getamped 2. Anonymous 12/1/2013 I’m the guy who makes the skins. You probably missed the new getamped skins list thread or you didn’t really see the pictures. I will do my best to answer all your questions. 1) I am out of town right now, I will answer questions tomorrow. 2) I love this site, I would recommend you get this game now. 3) If this is still down or not showing up in your country please pm me and I will make you this good skin and a set of pictures. Anonymous 12/4/2013 the comp is $170.95 but its worth every penny Anonymous 12/26/2013 am i the only one confused on the site name? ‘Am I the only one’ who doesn’t click the bottom to get to the Downloads page, because I believe that the GetAmped 2 is in the Studio’s name.