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Adobe Photoshop is a highly capable and very complex application. In addition to being used by graphic designers, it is one of the most popular image editing and organizing software for photographers. It is very flexible and easy to use. One of the features of Photoshop that may help you get a better understanding of Photoshop and may be useful is the help menu. Adobe Photoshop Help is a large help section with useful information and features about the application. To access the help menu, choose Help from the application menu or press F1. The Help Center link brings you to a directory of information. You can sort by Title or Section. The links to the help videos and PDF tutorials are under the Resources link. Below the article is a menu that lists the more commonly used tools with the icons representing the tools, such as the Crop tool or the Magic Wand tool. This menu is available by pressing the Escape key when the tool is highlighted. The shortcut for the Crop tool is Ctrl-t. The shortcut for the Clone Stamp tool is Ctrl-g. The shortcut for the Healing Brush tool is Ctrl-i. The shortcut for the Draw tool is Ctrl-a. The shortcut for the Defringe tool is Alt-e. The shortcut for the Dodge tool is Alt-s. The shortcut for the Sponge tool is Ctrl-t. The shortcut for the Puppet Warp tool is F6. The shortcut for the Smudge tool is Ctrl-h. The shortcut for the Sharpen tool is Alt-shARP. The shortcut for the Pencil tool is Ctrl-p. The shortcut for the Bucket Fill tool is F9. The shortcut for the Refine Edge tool is Alt-x. The shortcut for the Masking tool is Alt-m. The shortcut for the Posterize tool is Alt-tP. The shortcut for the Reduce Noise tool is Alt-n. The shortcut for the Levels tool is Ctrl-L. The shortcut for the Adjust Colors tool is Ctrl-c. The shortcut for the Curves tool is Ctrl-v. The shortcut for the Hue/Saturation tool is Ctrl-u. The shortcut for the Curves tool is Ctrl-z. The shortcut for the Saturate tool is Alt-s. The shortcut for the Split Toning 05a79cecff

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