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SQL Server: Select all values in a one-to-many relationship without duplicates

I’m working on a project where a table in my SQL Server database is related to another table by a one-to-many relationship. Each entity has an Id (Primary Key) and a foreign key. I have to select a list of entities for which I’m interested but I need to exclude any entity that already has another entity with the same foreign key.
I have to do this because each entity has a role which can be changed by the end user. An entity cannot have more than one role. So if I choose an entity and later I remove that role, it should be replaced by another.
A sample table with an example data:
CREATE TABLE Entity_role_association (
entity_id INT NOT NULL,
role_id INT NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (entity_id, role_id),
FOREIGN KEY (entity_id) REFERENCES Entity (entity_id) ON DELETE CASCADE,
FOREIGN KEY (role_id) REFERENCES Role (role_id)

I have two entities, A and B with entities linked to them. A can have two roles: A and B. I want to select all entities in which I’m interested (A in this case) that do not have role A.
The current query that I have is:
SELECT entity_id
FROM Entity_role_association eea
WHERE eea.role_id = 1

This query returns a list with 1 row containing entities B, but if I use a SELECT DISTINCT on

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