Facebook Hacker V290 50

Facebook Hacker V290 50


Facebook Hacker V290 50

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Facebook Hacker V290 50 Release v3.0 (V290).. (V290) 750657..
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Facebook Hacker V290 50 Facebook Hacker V290 50 For Windows Free Download requires.(V290) A New Way of Life By Cynthia Luna. Published by Cyberpress Inc…”..Q:

PHP – NULL value only on server but not from GET

I have a site that runs on two servers and they are pulling data from one database. All client queries and page content is being pulled from the other server’s database.
The only values I have issues with are NULL values in most cases. This problem is consistent on two different servers. On the production server it’s showing NULL and on the dev server and local computer it shows 0.
The following variables are coming in as NULL:
$studentID, $timeSlotID, $activeStudents, $activeRoles, $userID, $team,

Here’s the query to get the content:
$query = “SELECT * FROM Timetable WHERE
userID = “.$_SESSION[‘SESS_USER_ID’].”
AND courseID = “.$courseID;

This is a loop that pulls all the content:
while ($row = mysql_f

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