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Colinker enables you to create your own custom right-click menu and use it to launch frequently used programs, open websites and perform Internet searches much faster.
Pre-defined items in the context menu
The Java-based application relies on an AutoHotKey script that launches the JAR file using a simple hotkey, which by default is CTRL-SPACE. Provided you have worked with AutoHotKey or a similar application before, it shouldn't be difficult at all to edit the script and change the hotkey.
Colinker comes with a set of predefined items integrated in the context menu, enabling you to search Google, YouTube and other websites, open the selected path in Windows Explorer, look for various programs and components online, translate a text or open the Network Configuration.
Easy configuration of menu items
All these items are stored within an XML configuration file that Colinker automatically generates at first initialization. With the help of any XML editor, you can modify the content of the file, so that the menu shows the items you need. For instance, you can enter all your favorite websites in the list, add entries to open frequently used programs on your computer and so on.
If a text piece is selected before opening the Colinker context menu, the application enables you to use the text as an argument when initializing a program or launching a webpage. To be more specific, you can select a text and immediately send it to Google Translate to get its correspondent in another language or look it up using any search engine.
Create a custom context menu
Colinker enhances the Windows operating system, implementing a secondary context menu that can act as a program or website launcher.
With its help, you can open your favorite webpages with just a click, without having to open the browser and type in the address. And since the menu items are defined in a XML file, there is no limit to how many entries it can contain.







Colinker Crack X64 [Latest]

As a long-term Java developer, professional user and an eternal Windows user, I’ve tried a lot of the various programs for Windows that enable you to launch programs or websites quickly. However, I’ve never seen anything like Colinker Activation Code before.
This Java-based application empowers you to create a custom context menu that can be accessed through the Windows’ right-click menu. With the help of a simple keyboard shortcut, you can invoke any of the applications or websites that are defined in an XML file.
The menu is entirely customizable. The list of items can contain any number of entries and can be pre-defined or generated automatically depending on the type of application you select. All the items are stored in the same XML file where you can edit or modify them, so you can create a better context menu if you need to.
The menu doesn’t add any clutter to your menu bar, and it appears only when you right-click on an entry. Besides, the menu doesn’t get in your way when you are working with multiple entries.
Colinker’s output is in a project file format, which means that you can even integrate it in another Windows application. What is more, the open text format of the file will allow you to integrate it in a website or a blog if you wish.
Key Features:
• Generate a custom context menu
• Open frequently used programs
• Launch webpages
• Look up a text online
• Launch a webpage on the selected path
• Open the selected path in Explorer
• Translate a text piece

• Window.Empty
• Window.Shade
• Window.Maximized
• Window.Minimized

How to quickly launch your favorite applications with one click

How to insert a shortcut to the Windows web browser into the Start Menu and Windows 8/8.1 Search

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R.
Step 2: Type “shell:start”.
Step 3: The Start menu will appear. Make sure that you’ve selected the Start button or the touch icon.

How to insert a shortcut to the Windows web browser into the Start Menu and Windows 8/8.1 Search

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R.
Step 2: Type “shell:start”.
Step 3: The Start menu will appear. Make sure that you’ve selected the Start button

Colinker Crack+ Activation

Colinker is an application that allows you to create your own custom context menu. This means that you can define some shortcuts, easy-to-use hotkeys, etc. The application works in the background and never stops active. The menu allows you to find and open many websites, open a lot of programs, look up words in dictionaries, find the most used files on your computer, translate and much more.

You can edit the menu items, their arguments and the list of the frequently used programs and websites. Adding an item does not require any programming skills, since it’s really easy to create an item just by dragging and dropping any program, file or website into the right area.

You can also define hotkeys for the items. Each hotkey makes an action run without opening a program or website. For instance, you can create a hotkey for a file, that runs a program immediately. You can change the behavior of the items by defining a hotkey for an item. You can even build a shortcut for an item by selecting several webpages and creating a shortcut that runs the selected items, without opening a browser.

What’s new in this version:

More hotkeys.

Stability improvements.

Updated Windows installer.

Updated French language.

Updated German, Italian, Dutch language.

Other fixes and improvements.

What’s new in version

Updated the context menu.

Updated French language.

Fixed other minor bugs.

What’s new in version

Updated English language.

Fixed a bug related to the context menu.

Added support for the French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Fixed various bugs.

What’s new in version

Updated the Windows installer.

Updated Spanish language.

Fixed minor bugs.

What’s new in version

Updated English language.

Fixed a bug related to an interface label.

Updated French language.

Fixed several bugs.

What’s new in version

Updated English language.

Updated French, Dutch and Japanese languages.

Fixed minor bugs.

What’s new in version

Updated the context menu

Colinker Activation [Mac/Win]

Type in the address of a website and Colinker opens it in your default web browser.
Colinker Description:

Type the text you want to translate and send it to Google Translate.
The list of buttons can be viewed within the context menu of any text selected.
Colinker Description:

Launches your selected application using arguments you specify.
Type in the program path and Colinker will launch it in the right location in your OS.
Colinker Description:

Colinker is open source software, released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.
You can get more information on the project’s website or visit the Colinker GitHub repository.
Colinker Enthusiast Feature:

Started on June 10th, 2005 by Alexandre Esteban dos Santos

The download size is 201.4 MB.


Colinker Enthusiast Feature:


Colinker is an advanced application that creates a software context menu that functions like the one present on your computer. With a very small amount of effort, you can create your own menu of any number of items, and you can even add new items when needed.

You can create a context menu using the included Colinker XML file, which, when opened with any editor, is automatically generated.

The file is pre-configured for a specific hotkey, which, by default, is CTRL-SPACE.

With a simple hotkey, a familiar auto-complete window launches the included Java JAR file, which, in turn, launches the application by itself. The same XML file can also be used as a simple configuration tool to modify the behavior of Colinker.

To use Colinker, you need the default user interface of the Windows operating system, which comes installed by default on Windows XP or Windows 7. Therefore, the inclusion of an executable JAR file is optional, as long as the Java Runtime Environment is available on your computer.

The application comes with an extensive help file that provides assistance on each step and all the methods available.

If you want, you can keep the application ready to use right from the initial installation. The application is distributed as a ZIP archive, so you can extract it and copy the file to your Startup folder.

With the help of a simple hotkey you can launch any of the included programs or webpages. Of course, if you want to add your own items, you

What’s New In?

Colinker is a Java application that enables you to create your own personal context menu that can be used to launch websites, open frequently used programs, look for programs and other things online and much more.

For instance, you can create your own context menu that includes all the most popular webpages, or you can create a context menu that opens the selected path in Windows Explorer.

If you select any text in any program that supports text selection, or if a text is selected before opening the menu, Colinker will search the web for the selected text and try to match it to any program that can help you to obtain this information. For example, if the selected text is a web address, the application will open Google Translate and ask you to select another text in order for the translation to be performed.

Further, Colinker allows you to use the selected text as an argument for any program that expects it as an input. To be more specific, you can use any text that you have previously selected, such as a website URL or a text description that you need to translate, to automatically launch a program that automatically translates the text from your selected language to the other one.

As a special feature, Colinker is able to create a system tray icon that automatically launches the application when you have selected a text. In addition, the application can display a context menu in the system tray.

2. What are the hardware requirements?

The Colinker installation package includes a Windows installer which contains an autorun feature that enables you to launch the application from within the package.

The minimum hardware requirements are as follows:

32-bit version of Windows XP with at least 2 GB of RAM.

64-bit version of Windows Vista with at least 1 GB of RAM.

Supported languages

The application is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. If you are interested in translating the Colinker application to your language and providing the translations to the international community, please contact us.

3. What are the most important features of Colinker?

Custom Context Menu

The application is equipped with its own context menu that can be used to open a website, open a program or find any information online.

System Tray Icon

Colinker generates its own system tray icon that can launch the application when you have selected a text.

Easy configuration

The application automatically generates an XML configuration file that contains all the items

System Requirements For Colinker:

The game requires 512 MB of RAM
How to install this game:
Download the game from the link above
Launch the game and run it.
Check the review and download mirrors for the latest version of the game.

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