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The invention relates to a developer supply apparatus of an image forming apparatus, and more particularly, to a developer supply apparatus for storing a developer supplied to an image bearing member of an image forming apparatus that uses an electrophotographic method, and supplying the developer to a photosensitive member at the time of image formation.
2. Related Background Art
Conventionally, in a full-color image forming apparatus based on the electrophotographic method, when a toner image is to be formed on a recording medium such as a sheet of paper, yellow, cyan and magenta developers are supplied to a photosensitive drum on the basis of yellow, cyan and magenta image signals, respectively, and the toner images of the respective colors are transferred to the sheet sequentially. Therefore, the color image forming apparatus has a toner bottle storing a developer for the respective colors, a development sleeve that rotates along with the photosensitive drum, and a toner supply roller that is in contact with the developer supply sleeve and supplies the developer therefrom. When the toner supply roller supplies the developer to the sleeve, it is necessary to maintain constant the total quantity of the developer for each color.
Therefore, the toner bottle storing the developer has a measurement part for measuring the amount of the developer with respect to each color, and the developer supply roller is structured such that a new developer is supplied to the developer supply sleeve by the amount of the measured developer, and the developer is supplied to the sleeve at a predetermined rotation speed.
In the conventional developer supply apparatus, although the toner bottle is structured so as to maintain constant the quantity of the developer with respect to each color, the toner bottle is not structured so as to maintain constant the quantity of the developer of all colors. There is a

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Eckart Nöklein (1932–1985) was a German philosopher and psychologist who was a leading figure in the history of critical realism and hermeneutics. Nöklein was born in 1932 in Hannover, and died in 1985 in Würzburg. During the last few years of his life Nöklein was awarded for his influential work on the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, for his elaboration of a theory of language, for his critique of transcendental phenomenology, and for his contributions to the philosophy of the mind and the philosophy of religion.

Nöklein’s work developed the influence of phenomenology which had begun with Edmund Husserl and taken a more systematic form under the impetus of Martin Heidegger. His major contribution was his interpretation of the idea of the meaning of a life (Wertschätzen) as “individual existence” (Einzelwesen) as it is realised in various concrete forms such as commitments, norms and values.

He was known for his rehabilitation of Wittgenstein’s philosophy and for his teaching of contemporary philosophical problems through an historical perspective.

Nöklein’s works included:
1966: The Meaning of Life (Gesamte Wertschätze)
1968: Meaning, Language and Commitment: An Interpretation of Husserl’s Phenomenology of Experience (Meaning, Sprache und Verpflichtung: Ein Interpretation des Husserlschen Phänomenologie des Erlebens)
1968: Meaning, Reality and Objectivity: A Study in the Phenomenology of Logical Reflection (Meaning, Wirklichkeit und Objektivität: Studie zur Phänomenologie der logischen