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Between GMAT and GRE, which is easier to pass?

Between GMAT and GRE, which is easier to pass?


Here's a piece to guide you in choosing wisely between GMAT and GRE, which one you should take.

Here’s a piece to guide you in choosing wisely between GMAT and GRE

Between GMAT and GRE, which is easier to pass?

Historically, GMAT is known for admission into MBA and management programs and it is till today. However,  GRE, which was normally required for non-management programs, is now accepted by most schools for admission into both management and non-management programs, a situation that creates difficulty in deciding which of the two is easier to score high. Here’s a piece of information to guide you when faced with such a dilemma: choosing between GMAT and GRE

If you are a candidate with rich wealth of vocabulary usage in the right context, GRE is a better option. However, if you are more handy with the rules of grammar than the use of words in appropriate context, you will be better off doing GMAT.

If you are more dexterous in the application of mathematical principles to solving real problems,  GMAT is your sure bet. On the other hand, if you are more grounded in general principles of mathematics covering all areas, then you should settle for GRE.

While both GRE and GMAT test your reasoning skills, you should consider doing GMAT if you enjoy and more passionate about constructive arguments. GRE, compared to GMAT, uses less of arguments to test reasoning skills.

If you are easily balked in the face of a large volume of information to read, process and analyse in order to answer questions, perhaps you should look away from GMAT and start considering GRE instead.

In general, both GRE and GMAT adequately test the skills needed to be able to cope with graduate studies. The foregoing is essentially a piece of guidance for whoever is faced with choosing between GMAT and GRE, giving consideration to individual strength and weakness.

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Need More Information?

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