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This article covers the basic commands in the AutoCAD program. A fuller discussion of AutoCAD is included in my book, AutoCAD for Beginners: A Guide to the Basics. If you need a fast introduction to AutoCAD, try the video series at Autodesk Academy.

Categorized Commands

AutoCAD is often installed with a menu tree of commands that organize the menus and toolbars. As you work in AutoCAD, you can right-click on a menu or toolbar item and select “Open submenu.” That lets you navigate the menus and toolbars with just one mouse button, instead of having to right-click and choose a menu item. This is called menu-driven command selection. However, in AutoCAD you can also use the CTRL key to go directly to a menu item without opening its submenu. The CTRL key cycles through the menu tree, one level at a time.

The menu tree is categorized into five groups:

Drawing commands

Text commands

Numeric commands

Miscellaneous commands

Help commands

To select a command, open the command’s menu and select the item you want. If you press the right mouse button, you can select multiple commands and execute them all at once. You can use the up and down cursor keys in the command’s menu to scroll through the list of commands.

Drawing Commands

AutoCAD’s drawing commands are used to draw, edit, and manipulate geometric shapes. You can also enter text, create ladders and other items, and do other things to make your drawing look pretty. The drawing commands include the following:

DRAW : Draw a single line or a polyline, or select a block of areas to create a closed polygon

: Draw a single line or a polyline, or select a block of areas to create a closed polygon DRAWFILL : Add color and linetype to a path or polyline

: Add color and linetype to a path or polyline FILLGAP : Replace a path or polyline with a gap between linetypes

: Replace a path or polyline with a gap between linetypes DRAWGAP : Draw a gap between two or more linetypes

: Draw a gap between two or more linetypes EDITTEXT : Draw shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, and arrows


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Why not just use /id/friends instead? What is the difference?


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The first difference is that you’ll always get only the friends that are available to you in the connected Facebook platform, whereas /me/friends will always return the subset of friends that your app is permitted to access from the target user’s profile. The second difference is that you’ll always have to make a network request to get your friends when you access /id/friends, whereas /me/friends will return the friends immediately as needed.

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What’s New In?

Automatically tag PDFs, images and drawings to make them searchable and findable. (video: 9:27 min.)

Bidirectional axis extension:

Select a part in your drawing, click a two-way arrow next to the drawing axis and the extension axis automatically extends to the nearest surface of the selected part. (video: 0:55 min.)

The profile scale gives you a better grip on your sheet’s edges and surfaces, making it easier to check that your geometry’s edges align with the edges of the sheet. This can reduce mistakes such as cutting sheet profiles off at sharp corners.

Sheet fits easier when you’re extending in both X and Y directions.

Shape locking improves precision when you want to scale a wall or curtain in your drawing but don’t want to have to snap back to the original settings after you’ve scaled the wall.

New extended drawing and editing features:

The extended drawing feature lets you work with larger drawings, while the editing features lets you work with large models.

The extension of the drawing area, which previously was dependent on the current orientation, also extends the editing area.

Dynamic data placement by constraints is now supported for the AutoSnap drawing option.

In AutoSnap, each component is constrained by its footprint and the previous snap distance. This lets you quickly snap the first component to a second component, and then extend the drawing area, all without stepping through any intermediate steps.

In AutoSnap, any constraint can be applied to multiple components, which lets you quickly snap multiple components together and then edit the drawing at your leisure.

A new option, Mirror, allows you to mirror a component on any axis.

The new layers dialog simplifies the process of working with layers.

Hiding or showing a layer is now a snap; simply press Ctrl+K.

Layers support drag and drop, allowing you to create and modify layers just like you would any other AutoCAD object.

Layers are now automatically saved.

Layers can now be edited without any protection by right-clicking the layer to open the Properties Manager.

You can set the Layer Protection group (which includes layers, groups, views and protected drawings), Protection, Layer Snap and Layer Properties.

Under Layer Properties, you can easily customize the layer’s display, and in Layer Snap you can

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Mac OS X v10.7.5 or later
1GHz processor
2 GB of RAM
OpenGL 1.2 graphics card with 512 MB of memory
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