ATR 72-500 Series – FSX/P3D – FSP3P – FSD ❤

ATR 72-500 Series – FSX/P3D – FSP3P – FSD ❤

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Jul 31, 2008
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How to use a UDF inside mapreduce and is it a good idea to use one?

I want to compute a new attribute in hive table which contains the ratio of a value of new columns with a value in another column.
It seems that I can solve this using mapreduce framework.
Since I don’t have a lot of experience about using mapreduce, I wonder whether it’s a good idea to use one to run

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Mailgun X-Integration – Rails/Mailchimp Integration

I am integrating mailgun with my rails application so I can send out notifications when an event occurs and I am struggling to figure out how to go about this.
To do this, my current process is: