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Note that if you’re learning to use Photoshop, you can better understand the basics of other image editing software by learning how to use Photoshop under a new operating system or different version. The Adobe Photoshop CD has an instructional disc, called Adobe Photoshop CS5 Basic Training, which teaches users how to do a selection, crop, and resize an image. You can download it from

Building a library of images

The entire purpose of image editing is to create your own image library, which you can use for many things — producing brochures, posters, photo albums, and more.

An image library is a collection of images that help you produce creative and/or personalized imagery. It makes it easier to find just the right image for your next project. An image library may include the following:

Images taken of your family

Images of your business, such as its logo or tagline

Photos of local businesses or people in your area

As you start building an image library, remember that it’s built on the foundation of your Photoshop skills. Be creative, add your own creative touches, and add meaningful information. Don’t just create a collection of images; make it an asset. Then use it to save time, and to produce accurate and consistent results.

Creating a simple image library

You can start with just a few images in a new folder. Simply organize them by person, subject, or event.

Use a descriptive name or title for each image in your image library — you can even have short titles and longer descriptions for each image. This helps you retrieve the image quickly when you need it.

Here’s an easy way to create a simple image library from a DVD copy.

1. Copy the copies of your DVD to a folder on your hard drive.

2. Open the copied files in Photoshop.

3. Click the File menu and choose New.

4. Choose the Folder and navigate to the folder you created for the new image library.

5. Click Open.

6. Name the new image image1.psd.

On the next screen, the first item in the window will be the first item in the new library. You may have more than one item in the beginning window of the new library, depending on the space you have on your hard drive.

7. Double-click the item you want to add to the image library.


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Adobe Photoshop is a professional tool used for digital image editing, and essential for creating photo-based websites and graphics.

Adobe Photoshop is a professional tool used for digital image editing, and essential for creating photo-based websites and graphics.

This is a 10-minutes tutorial where we’ll teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop’s various brushes. We will mainly focus on adjusting the brush size, as well as its opacity, flow and style.

So, let’s get into it!

Unlocking brushes in Photoshop

Before we jump into Photoshop, let’s unlock the brush module in our Photoshop file.

Unlock the brush module using File > Open. Once opened, navigate to the brushes folder in the NTO sidebar. Select the Brush.psb file from the brushes folder and open it. As you can see below, the Brush.psb file contains 5 color brush presets. Each color brush has 5 flow settings and 3 sizes.

Step 1: Color brush in Photoshop

Let’s name the color brush that we’ll be using Black Flow 4.

To select the brush, click on the Brush icon in the upper right corner of the Photoshop document window.

Step 2: Size brush in Photoshop

You can make the brush larger or smaller by adjusting the Brush Size slider. The size of the Brush is indicated at the bottom right of the Brush Size slider. The size of the brush is commonly referred to as the brush size.

Here is the Brush Size sliders after we made it smaller:

Step 3: Opacity brush in Photoshop

You can adjust the opacity (transparency) of the brush by clicking on the Brush Opacity textbox in the left-hand corner of the Brush Size slider.

Step 4: Adjust Opacity brush in Photoshop

The two components of the Opacity slider (the Brush Opacity text box, and the Opacity slider) control the opacity of the brush.

The Brush Opacity textbox contains the opacity percentage of the brush.

The Brush Opacity slider controls the opacity percentage (0-100%) of the brush.

You can see the Brush Opacity textbox and the Opacity slider below:

Step 5: Style brush in Photoshop

The style of the brush is controlled by three components of the Style textbox in the Brush Size textbox, as well as the

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What’s New in the?

Effects are little software add-ons that can be applied to a photo to achieve a certain look. They are made by third-party software developers and are provided free of charge by Adobe. Most photo-editing tools provide a library of effects, which can be downloaded free of charge.
The Pen tool is used to create lines and shapes. Using a brush, you can erase the pen tool lines and shapes, such as brushes.
The Puppet Warp tool is used for warp distortions such as distortion, telescopes, pins and fan. It is used for creating visual design images and conceptual art.
Photoshop also allows you to create images that have an animated feel. An example of this would be a photo that is composed of different parts that are arranged into a seemingly chaotic pattern.
You can create an animated GIF that contains several images in different frames. You can even give each frame an individual title.
Photoshop allows you to mask objects from the original photo. This allows you to create silhouette images. An example of this would be a silhouette or a ghost image.
The Lasso tool is used to select objects. It allows you to highlight areas of a photo while leaving others unaffected. This is useful for copying small, specific sections of a photo.
Images can be resized to fit in a specific space. Resizing is helpful for sending images to different email accounts. The Photoshop image resize tool can fit images into specific dimensions.
Photoshop allows you to resize images and also add a text box where you can type a description or comments.
When images are designed, they can have a border or some type of frame, which adds to the look of the image. The Photoshop image format gives you the option to apply frames to images. Frames can be circles, rectangles, and lines.

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