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Using Photoshop’s many features can be an easy way to learn about and apply basic image manipulation. Photoshop is a vast program with many features that you can use to modify images. In this chapter, we highlight only those features that are most commonly used by digital photographers and graphic artists. If you use a program other than Photoshop for image editing, you may find the differences between that program and Photoshop’s features a bit puzzling. The techniques that we present are from Photoshop but should be applicable to any program that lets you overlay layers. Each Photoshop chapter has a brief introduction in the “About Photoshop” section. The earlier “About the digital darkroom” section gives you a good overall picture of the programs and their functions. A tutorial for beginners — and even more advanced users — and a cheat sheet for Photoshop can be found in the appendix. In this chapter, we offer only the most useful tools and methods for working with images in Adobe Photoshop. For detailed information about the many tools and features available to you in Photoshop, check out the software handbook. If you have only Photoshop Elements or CS3, you can see the two versions of Photoshop CS3 covered in the “Basic Photoshop Elements” and “Adobe Photoshop CS3” sections. Understanding Layers You can see the layers in a document with the Layers palette, shown in Figure 9-1. When you look in the Layers palette and see layer thumbnail images, press Ctrl+Y (PC: Alt+Y) or choose Layer⇒Flatten Image to open the Layers panel, which is covered in Chapter 2. In the Layers panel, you can see exactly where the layers are, as well as the opacity settings. Choosing Elements We cover layers in this chapter, so if you’ve skipped Chapter 3, you may want to go back and read that before continuing with the rest of the chapter. **Figure 9-1:** Open the Layers palette by pressing Ctrl+Y (PC: Alt+Y) or choose View⇒Layers. In the Layers palette, you can choose which layers appear by using the Overflow drop-down menu. To do this, select the thumbnail image, in the center of the palette. When you do, drop-down menus appear to the left and right of the thumbnail. Figure 9-2 shows the menus with the documents selected. From these menus, choose Show All to see all layers or choose

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New features in Elements 16 If you’re a professional photographer, a graphic designer, or a web designer, you know what Photoshop can do to modify an image. If you’re a beginner, you want to modify and improve a picture to save time, because of your income and time constraints. If you own the upgrade to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (CS4 and prior versions) but the the new features have always seemed a bit confusing, you will undoubtedly love it. You will also be amazed to discover that there are things you can do that you couldn’t have done with the previous versions. Another interesting option: Photoshop Elements is a good tool that you can use for free. But, before we go into the new features, we will analyze what Photoshop can do now and what it cannot do now and help you understand the differences. Before Photoshop CS6, there were two main graphical editing software: Gimp and Photoshop. But, when Adobe took over Gimp, the software, including Gimp 2.6 (which Gimp still uses today), lost features such as more sophisticated tools, filters and effects, a smart layer, built-in layers organization, custom pixel modes, and web filters, among others. In addition, the interface was simplified, the icons used were not graphical and it still has the same limitations as Gimp. By the time Gimp 2.8 was released, most features had been added back into the program. But the new interface took many years and many features to return to Gimp. In 2020, Gimp has a new release, Gimp 2.10. The new features in Elements 16 Photoshop is a powerful software with a great collection of tools and extensive libraries that we can use as a designer, and it is one of the best software to work with. Elements has not abandoned the idea of Photoshop, but today it tries to emulate many features of Photoshop. Automatic merge is a feature that allows multiple images with different sizes to be joined together to create a single image, all in just one step. The painterly tools add to the ability to paint features. The ability to paint soft edges is a great option in Elements 16 to do things that Photoshop was unable to do. Brush options are much improved. You can work with brushes of any size and brush of any angle. The brushes created by Photoshop will be much better a681f4349e

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Ossoff is playable on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Mac users will need the Ossoff campaign to be installed on a second internal drive, as the campaign disc does not contain the separate DVD copy. The Mac version of the Ossoff campaign is region 1; for other regions, users should use a region-free optical disc. Please note that the Mac OSX version of Ossoff will not run on Mac OSX 10.8, or any earlier version. OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is required to support the