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To perform the basic editing process in Photoshop, you have to load an image into your program, begin editing, save the image, and then print the image.

One of the most important questions to be asked is “What is Photoshop?”

Adobe Photoshop Program Description

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful suite of graphics and image editing tools that can be used to perform a range of image manipulations including image resizing, retouching, creating effects, and compositing.

Adobe Photoshop enables designers and artists to perform many different types of tasks, including:

Creating images from scratch

Retouching, or modifying, existing images

Adding special effects to images

Shopping digital images from one web page to another

Image Editing with Photoshop

Perhaps the most common image editing tasks performed in Adobe Photoshop are:

Improving the quality of an image

Correcting or retouching a photo

Improving an image’s appearance

Making a picture match a design

Converting a picture from one format to another

Enhancing an image with special effects

Resizing images

Making GIFs

Creating images for the Web


Photoshop provides various functions for accomplishing these tasks, including:

The ability to create new layers

The ability to manipulate an image

The ability to render an image in any number of different file formats

The ability to mask selected portions of an image

The ability to resize an image

The ability to resize an image to fit different areas of an image, including web pages

The ability to add or remove graphical elements to an image

The ability to adjust color and brightness

Many of these tools can be easily combined for creating a specific image or effect

Adobe Photoshop Settings

The user interface for Adobe Photoshop provides five tabs to complete various tasks.

Image: This tab displays image thumbnail previews, previously opened image thumbnails, or individual image layers. Thumbnail preview images contain an image in grayscale and colorspace (RGB color model) as well as a rectangular thumbnails representing the dimensions of the image.

Layers: The Layers panel in the Interface window is where Photoshop starts to becomes more useful. The Layers panel lists all layers, including the image layer and layers created for editing specific aspects of the image.

Tools: The Tools panel lists all the different tools and functions

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Photoshop Elements 3 was introduced in November 2006 and created versions 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Photoshop Creative Cloud is a subscription-based service. It’s designed for professional photographers, designers, and creative professionals. Photoshop is integrated with Adobe Stock.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was introduced in October 2012 and creates versions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Unlike Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Creative Cloud and Lightroom both have a client-server architecture. This means all the data, including both the file names and the edits, is stored in Adobe servers. This cloud-based architecture is particularly useful when taking photos and moving images.

What kind of photos can Photoshop Elements and Lightroom do?

Photoshop Elements can edit most photos you take, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. The software has many photo-editing features which are not available in Photoshop but can be used together with Photoshop. Editing features include black and white conversion, exposure, color adjustment, etc.

The photo-editing features included with Photoshop are:

Convert photos to black and white.

Apply different color filters to photos.

Resize photos.

Rotate photos in Photo, Photo Selection and Image Size.

Apply the Warp Tool to straighten and/or distort photos.

Reduce the number of colors in photos.

Eliminate unwanted objects from photos (e.g. people).

What kind of photos can Photoshop Creative Cloud and Lightroom do?

Lightroom can edit photos in both raw and TIFF format.

Lightroom has a significantly broader range of photo-editing features than Photoshop Elements. Lightroom can edit RAW, JPEG and TIFF photos.

Lightroom can zoom, crop, rotate, flip, and transform photos using filters.

There are more than 40 photo adjustment sliders in Lightroom. Lightroom can be used by professionals and amateurs alike.

Lightroom has tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

What kind of graphics can Photoshop Elements do?

Photoshop Elements can create single or multi-page documents.

Photoshop Elements has four different drawing tools and three different pens.

Photoshop Elements includes a template browser where you can download a selection of different templates which you can then use to create documents.

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February Newsletter

Hi there fellow scrapbookers! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day! Our class will be meeting February 26th, so it’s time for our newsletter.

This month’s Project Rich is our Project Life layout about a week in our lives. This was a fabulous layout to teach for us. I loved the story it told, and the photos were perfect.

My first project was a pocket page from a journaling card. I used embellishments from stash and I did a fabric tied on doily for the top of the pocket.

My second project was an adorable mini album for my 8 year old daughter. It

What’s New In?


PDF/PFB files, view into layers or merge into one PDF?

This is the type of question that is probably ill-defined, so I can’t find a satisfactory answer…
Take a PDF file, say, one that has been scanned with a desktop scanner, can be viewed in layers or not, with viewer software.
For a business report, I would like to’merge’ all the scanned pages into one PDF, since they are content-related and not document-related (i.e. not linked by document number).
And it is of course possible to get my scanner to output to PDF/PFB.
Is there any easy way for doing this?


For desktop scanning, there are two options, depending on where the files come from:

Scan to PDF. This is the most flexible option. If there’s no additional software/format you need to be concerned with, just scan and export the results (using whatever options your scanner offers).
Use a desktop printer. This is not the fastest way, but it often gives better results. Scan the document, then print it to a PDF (e.g. using a document level printer driver) and deliver the PDF.

For anything more complicated (business reports, images, etc.), I would have to defer to using a (commercial) desktop publishing software, or something else.

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