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Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating digital images. Sometimes users do not want to use Photoshop at all and they are often intimidated by it.

Not everyone has or wants to buy Photoshop. Some people instead prefer other programs like Microsoft Paint, PhotoShop Express, Gimp, or Affinity Photo.

You can use your mouse to select, copy, move and paste Photoshop commands in a regular text editor like Notepad. You can also use an app like Photoshop Classic CC which allows you to edit images directly within the application.

However, you might be intimidated by the way Photoshop works. If that’s the case, you are probably comfortable using a simpler graphics editor like Microsoft Paint.

This guide to using Photoshop and Microsoft Paint will teach you how to edit your photos using these two programs. You will learn how to delete and crop images, use basic retouching tools, and draw text on an image.

How to Use a Graphics Editor

Before you start using Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, you need to learn how to use them. The following guides will teach you how to use the mouse to select and copy, paste and move commands to and from your computer and how to enter text in your text editor.

Basic Editing Commands


Selecting is a basic way to select an item on a computer or on a website. To select an item, drag the cursor over the item.

Click to select an item.

You can select multiple items by clicking the left mouse button and holding down the mouse button while you drag the cursor. You can hold down multiple keys to select different items.

Double-click a selection to select an entire block of text or to select all the content in an image.

Click and drag a selection to drag an object in an image.

Quick Select

Quick select is useful for selecting items from a list. To use the quick select tool, drag a box around the item you want to select.

The icon for the selection tool looks like a square with three dots.

You can also press a shortcut for the quick select tool, Ctrl+A on the keyboard or Cmd+A on a Mac.

Crop Photos

Select a photo with the selection tool or with the rectangle or circle selection tools.

Click crop on the image to open the crop tool window. You can then crop the photo by moving the handles of the crop tool window

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X-ray probing of coherent quantum-path interference in a multichromophore molecular nanodevice.
Coherent control of a single quantum system can lead to the observation of counterintuitive behavior such as quantum coherence and negative differential conductance, which are not possible for the conventional measurement of a single system. Here, we show that a 50-nm-long multichromophore molecular nanodevice exhibits systematic coherent oscillations of its optical absorption at a frequency corresponding to 1/tau, where tau is the period of the coherent oscillations. The observed coherent oscillations are associated with quantum path interference between the chromophores. They can be described using a simple theoretical model, which also predicts the observed relaxation rate. Remarkably, this relaxation rate is dramatically enhanced by two orders of magnitude for red-to-green frequency conversion compared to the ground state relaxation rate.Q:

Deploying WEBAPI to Azure. The HttpApplication.ApplicationComplete Method Is Not Being Called

I am trying to deploy a WEBAPI project to Azure. I am using the Azure web site option. When the application is started, the HttpApplication.ApplicationComplete method is not being called. So I can’t figure out a way to register myself with Azure.
I am using the standard web.config from the WEBAPI template.
Is there something I am missing here?
[I]AlmondCrumble:DC-\ccc_mywebsite [/I]
A method called HttpApplication.ApplicationComplete() should be placed in your Global.asax file and this code:
protected void Application_Start()

[I]AlmondCrumble:DC-\ccc_mywebsite [/I]
the register routes method never gets called. I am getting a 404 error, but I’m not sure where it is coming from. I have not set up any routing. Any ideas?


The solution is that you need to make a couple of changes in the web

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Changing datasource does not work if I use simple JPA query

Here is an example of a simple JPA query:
query = “SELECT t FROM Model t”

The problem is, if I change the data source (in the persistence.xml file or in the context.xml file) the entityManager.find() is not called at all.
If I do this instead:
query = “SELECT t FROM Model t ” +
“WHERE (id = :id)”

I will have the expected results.
Is there any way to make the previous query work?


The ejb-jar.xml file contains property name=javax.persistence.queries which is used by the driver to lookup the entity manager. The property is mapped to JPA 2 queryLanguage, which is essentially the string query quoted from the question: SELECT t FROM Model t
If you set the value of the property, then the driver will use this value and use it to look up the entity manager. It will not look at the simple JPA query code.
It does not matter whether the query is @NamedQuery or @NamedQuery.
If you really want to use a simple JPA query, you will have to insert the model object as a parameter to the JPA query.
query = “SELECT t FROM Model t ” +
“WHERE (id = :id)”

and then :id in the query should be the id of the object.


Three questions regarding the symmetry of a plane, circle, and sphere

I have three questions:

How can you prove the following:

$$ \int_{\partial B} (\mathrm{curl}~{\mathbf{F}})\cdot\mathbf{n}~\mathrm{d}s = \int_{B} \mathrm{div}~[(\mathrm{c

System Requirements:

Other OS:
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